Admission Requirements

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  • Services are provided to individuals with an acquired brain injury (damage to the brain occurring after birth which is non-degenerative or progressive), and who may also have physical disabilities requiring support services.
  • There is evidence, or a reasonable expectation, that the applicant will make functional gains or, is otherwise capable of benefiting from the programs and environments of BISNO.
  • Those persons accepted for service will be 16 years of age and over.
  • The individual must agree with the referral and must have signed the Application for Service (or the Application for Service must be signed by an identified Substitute Decision-Maker).
  • Priority will be given to residents who are geographically located in Northern Ontario. These include the Districts of: Kenora/Rainy River, Thunder Bay, Greenstone, Sudbury/Manitoulin, Algoma, Cochrane, Timiskaming and Nippissing.
  • Individuals applying for services currently being served in other sectors (i.e. developmental services which can be defined as an acquired brain injury prior to the age of 18) may be considered if that sector is unable to meet their needs through added consultation and training.
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