Community Services

Personal Support and Independence Training is provided through our Community Rehabilitation and Outreach Service (CROS).  All CROS programs share a common goal, which is to assist each individual to reach their optimum level of functioning.  Services provided in all programs are tailored to reflect the individual’s priorities and goals for     rehabilitation. The organization works closely with and encourages the involvement of family members, significant others and service providers.  Whenever possible, staff coordinate and collaborate with other agencies and existing community-based services to assist the client in meeting their goals.

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Program Services Include:

  • Supporting clients with selecting, securing and maintaining appropriate housing in their chosen communities.
  • Providing rehabilitation case management services, which emphasize personal choice, skills development, community access and consumer rights.
  • Educating clients, family members and supporters on the complexities and impact of ABI.
  • Providing prevention strategies relevant to the person’s life situation.
  • Promoting personal wellness and relevant coping strategies.
  • Providing advocacy and referrals to community agencies/resources.

Other Services Include:

  • Individual & Family Counselling – Provides practical solution-focused rehabilitation interventions.
  • Healthy Life Styles Group – A peer support group for BISNO clients who have an ABI and addiction issues.
  • Brainwise – Consists of two support groups, one for individuals and one for their loved ones, to meet others, share experiences and receive emotional support
  • Alumni Program -The Alumni program is a graduation for clients that have moved through their rehabilitation journey and require only minimum or occasional support from the rehabilitation team. The Alumni are individuals that have successfully implemented strategies presented and require  only incidental supports.


Assisted Living Services

The goal of these programs is to provide 24-hour support that is respectful, safe and in which individuals can achieve their desired quality of life.This incorporates health, wellness, and socialization, as well as meaningful community participation.

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Transitional Learning Centre

Transitional Learning Centre

The Transitional Learning Centre (TLC) is a 9-bed assisted living site located in Thunder Bay.  There are 6 bedsitting rooms, one two-room unit which has a bedroom and sitting room, and two onsite one bedroom apartments. For those not in an apartment, there is a shared kitchen, dining room, common area and leisure room. There is a laundry room which has an industrial washer and dryer. The TLC is located in a beautiful rustic setting in an urban neighborhood.

Cumberland Place

Cumberland Place is an 8-bed assisted living site located in Thunder Bay.  The individual rooms contain a bed sitting area with a closet space.  There is an open concept kitchen, a large dining area as well as as a common area in the lower level that is equipped with a pool table.  The laundry room is on the main floor of the home.  Cumberland Place has a fenced in back yard equipped with an electronic lift, as well as a ramp.  Cumberland Place is located on the north side of the city close to Boulevard Lake.

Mckellar Location

McKellar Place

McKellar Place is a 12-bed assisted living site located in Thunder Bay.  The program is located on the 6th floor of the former McKellar Hospital. Each unit has a bedroom, living room and washroom. There is a kitchen, a small dining area and a common area as well as an accessible shower room. There is a laundry room which has an industrial washer and dryer. McKellar Place is located just off a major artery in the south end of the city.

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